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Szellemi Tulajdon Nemzeti Hivatala (Hungarian Intellectual Property Office) anglophone setting search page
Repülőgép search results 1900-1916 inclusive

The Hungarian patent subclass we designate HU V/h is for aeronautical patents. In Hungarian it would be written as “Osztály V/h”.

The "Főosztály" (literally department, analogous to patent class in other countries) V broadly covers "Railways, machinery". The "Osztály" (class, analogous to subclass in other countries) V/h within that then covers aero. We have no errors relative to patents actually having this "Osztály" (class) V/h. On extremely rare occasions, a digital search has brought up a "IV/h", with the desired element "V/h" being included. On still rarer occasions "V/b" has led to false positives, but this is always visible upon examination. From time to time, the aero-applicability of a patent may not be obvious from the patent's title. In these rare cases, aero-applicability is usually made clear via the presence of Hungarian aero-applicable terminology found within the patent's concluding summary paragraphs, not to mention diagrams.

(We have the covered the available data on years 1911-1917 fairly well, with a variably covered retrospective going back to 1896.)

Thanks to our colleagues at the Szellemi Tulajdon Nemzeti Hivatala, we know that this is the crucial Hungarian classification designating material pertinent to aviation and aeronautics. Via the Szellemi Tulajdon Nemzeti Hivatala database in anglophone setting, choosing the Patent option from among the Advanced search option tabs on the left of the page, and using “V/h” as the keyword, hundreds of Hungarian aviation patents are to be found.

(Upon reaching the results page, whether via “V/h” or via such a term such as “Repülőgép”, in the event that one has the specific patent/application number, or any other data, already on hand, one may enter it at the top of the appropriate column, and simply hit the "Enter" key on one's keyboard, so as to narrow down to the appropriate result(s).)

(We are still gathering and processing data. Following the above protocols, we believe there to be 478 "V/h" patents filed in Hungary, in total, between 1896 and 1917, years inclusive, and 79 filed by Hungarians. For further detail, and corroboration, and data pertinent to this classification prior to 1896, we will need access to the Szabadalmi Kőzlőny publications.)

(As the broader HU V classification includes "railways and machinery", occasionally even within the "V/h" hits, following the above protocols, we will find, again very rarely, a locomotive patent included. The Szellemi Tulajdon Nemzeti Hivatala website includes digitized data going back to 1896, and it is within those very earliest years that the very occasional non-aero inclusion may enter the garnered material.) This wiki has 460 patents in category "HU V/h".

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