Österreichische Daimler Motoren A. G.

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Aero-Daimler filings in Hungary both German and Austrian as culled from HU V/h hitlist

This corporate entity, also entered in data as Oesterreichische Daimler Motoren A. G. is an Austrian subsidiary of Daimler Motoren-Gesellschaft. Though we do not know the extent to which these corporate entities were separate, we have decided to divide the data in anticipation of complexities which could arise, as in the case of the British Daimler Motor Company being an offshoot of the German Daimler Motoren-Gesellschaft while having the British Birmingham Small Arms Company acting as some sort of parent firm. In the case of the German and Austrian divisions, we do know that they had enough separate corporate distinction to file separately, with particular national patent offices, such as that of Hungary.

(Both the German and Austrian corporate entities did engage in some work with aircraft before 1915, though an aircraft division, per se, may noy have been deemed necessary, early on.)

(Specifics on the likely relevance of the Austro-Daimler engine are yet to be determined.)

Names Österreichische Daimler Motoren A. G., Oesterreichische Daimler Motoren A. G.
Country Austria
City Wiener-Neustadt
Affiliations Daimler Motoren-Gesellschaft, Daimler Motor Company
Keywords biplane, construction, military, airplane, motors, engine
Started aero 1915
Ended aero 1919 or later
Key people
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