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Example chart from this research
Example chart from this research

This site is for gathering and analyzing data about the processes leading to the invention of the airplane and the start of the airplane industry around the world. We keep pages on each of many items related to those technologies and the early industry and the people who made it happen. Data is integrated qualitatively and quantitatively, approached from multiple angles, as we draw data from multiple sources, multiple types of sources, antique or modern, analogue or digital, with page functions evolved so as to explicate items as they are quantifiably contextualized relative to other items and as they fall into categories. We keep some items that turn out not to be related, in order to make clear why they are left out of some analyses. We aim for complete coverage of these items up to 1916, and a few thereafter. If you want use or add to the data please cite this wiki as a dataset or contact us -- see About this site.

Most of the pages have a row of structured (table) data on them, and explanatory text.

Here are some of the tables and lists on this site:

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