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This is a draft and perhaps needs a rewrite but for the moment can serve as a reference.)

There are good reasons for certain items to be included on pages on this wiki even if they aren't directly related to aero history.

  • One might think they were aero-related, and this is a place to see the explanation of why they aren't. For example if a patent is classified officially in a way that suggests it's in aeronautics, we wouldn't want to just delete it because we thought it was not ; we would want to be able to find it again here but also to be able to leave it out of our analyses.
  • We want to be able to compare items in the aero field to items in other fields, e.g. how long are aero patents versus other patents?
  • They relate to the people or institutions involved in early aeronautics or aviation. E.g. those patents of Otto Lilienthal, a major figure, which were not aeronautical.
  • They are related to aeronautics or aviation outside our time period (that is, they are after 1916 or 1920) but they help us understand the period.
  • They are involved in close activities like marine navigation or automobile engines, to which we may wish to refer and explicate.