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This site has organizable countable data from the period of early aeronautics and aviation, mainly from 1783 to 1918. We have several kinds of data, each record being on one page. We have patents and publications and inventors and authors and company founders and clubs and firms and exhibitions and conferences and letters and technology categories for patents and terminology.

Peter Benjamin Meyer launched it experimentally in 2015 and with uploaded data in Nov 2016, and it has improved daily or weekly since then. To reach him, write econterms (at) gmail.com or meyer.peter@bls.gov.

The icon in the upper left of this site's pages comes from Patent GB-1896-17119 by Edward Joel Pennington.

If using substantial data from this site, please cite it thusly:

Peter B. Meyer, with Leo Zimmermann and John Russell Herbert. Inventing Aviation, version 1.0 [dataset]. http://econterms.net/aero. 2020.

There will be updates, so the citation will change at least annually.

Our intent is to copyright the data and perhaps all the text here as CC-BY-SA 4.0. There may be more homework to do on that.

Academic context
  • This work supports analyses in technology history, business history, economic history, and the digital humanities.
  • The site runs MediaWiki, like Wikipedia does. This site depends on the Cargo extension to MediaWiki.