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Note: This word, as a semi-abstract concept, is of note to us partially in terms of its implications of "scale" and so forth, in connection with the solid implementation of per se innovation. It may stand in contrast to any "academic" or otherwise "cut-off" characteristics of the inventors we are studying. We are predominantly concerned with the aviation industry, that of airplanes, with a healthy interest in that pertaining to LTA as well. Other industrial fields become relevant by way of shared technologies, by way of the diversification of powerful finance, and by the roles played by the military and the state.

Relative to individual inventors, industry may be relevant either to their professional backgrounds or to the later bringing to scale of their more experimental ventures. Patent FR-1910-415214, of Louis Blériot, for instance, makes specific reference to the industrial products comporting with the application of the design elements inherent to the invention. This all has to do with mass-production.

For reflections on any of this, as it pertains to France, see Emmanuel Chadeau and-or Chadeau, Emmanuel, 1985, État, Entreprise & Développement Économique : L’Industrie Aéronautique en France (1900-1940) Thése pour le Doctorat, unpublished version. For a specialized analysis on the transition between small industry, characterized by connection to technical "pioneers", into industry per se, as these phenomena pertain to Great Britain, the publication Bamfourth, Catherine Jill, Abbott, Malcolm, Entrepreneurs of the sky: Case studies on entrepreneurial learning from the early British aviation industry, 2019 is likely of great interest.