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This label, and links to this page, come from a few angles. An invention, for instance, which focuses on the mass production of any one airplane component part, as opposed to a more abstract approach to design concept, would be a tidy case. It is also pertinent in broad strokes to the characterization of any inventor identified as having the occupation industrialist. These are materially applied aspects of the more abstract phenomena of industrialization. This latter gets into all a priori and a posteriori factors affecting the trajectory we are analyzing, in the broadest senses.

This is treated here as a techtype, being that its pertinence has largely followed from data specific to particular patents.

Relative to individual inventors, industry may be relevant either to their professional backgrounds or to the later bringing to scale of their more experimental ventures. Patent FR-1910-415214, of Louis Blériot, for instance, makes specific reference to the industrial products comporting with the application of the design elements inherent to the invention. This all has to do with mass-production.

In a case such as that of Patent FR-1917-494247, we have an invention which has solid applicability to aeronautics, as such, a gasometer, which also has applicability to industry beyond our main interests. Patent FR-1913-460030 expresses specific interest in the bringing of industrial scale to the production of this aircraft type. It expresses specific interest in the rights pertaining thereto.

Again, in the interest of broader phenomena, see industrialization.

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