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Gustave de Puiseux was an aero inventor from département Calvados, France.[1]

A historic postcard with his aircraft: [1]

j2mc Planeurs page, with substantial specific info and sources at La Revue Aerienne: [2]

According to Le petit bedouin, de Puiseux did experiments at Ouistreham, France, and the machine was called a cycloplane.[2] If I understand correctly, the propeller is activated by the legs of the cyclist.

He later made a motorized version called "La Mouche." Its wings could be folded for travel.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Gustave de Puiseux

  • Patent FR-1909-398292 (English title: Improvements made to airplanes and similar machines, products for their production and machines with application, Filing date: 1909-01-05)
  • Patent FR-1912-438933 (English title: Mechanical glider, Filing date: 1912-01-12)

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Names Gustave de Puiseux
Birth date
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Countries FR
Locations département Calvados, France
Tech areas Airplane, Gliders
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