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Gabriel Voisin was a French aero aero inventor. He worked with his brother Charles Voisin.

See Société Anonyme des Aéroplanes G. Voisin and Appareils d'Aviation Les Frères Voisin.

See w:Gabriel Voisin.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Gabriel Voisin

  • Patent FR-1909-401476 (English title: Improvements to the valve trains for internal combustion engines (?))
  • Patent FR-1909-394438 (English title: Improvements to motors for road and air, Filing date: 1908-08-31)
  • Patent FR-1914-478009 (English title: Improvement in the construction of airplanes, Filing date: 1914-03-12)
  • Patent FR-1915-478008 (English title: Elastic suspension chariot for airplanes and some vehicles, Filing date: 1915-03-12)
  • Patent FR-1921-524791 (English title: IMprovements in the construction of airplanes, Filing date: 1915-06-04)
  • Patent FR-1915-524792 (English title: Tubular segments, oriented particularly towards airplane fuselage, and the process of their manufacture, Filing date: 1915-06-05)
  • Patent FR-1921-524799 (English title: Horizontal landing gear structures "wheeling rocks" for airplanes and similar craft, Filing date: 1915-07-12)
  • Patent FR-1917-524814 (English title: Apparatus of joint-cover for the articulations of airplane ailerons, Filing date: 1917-04-05)
  • Patent FR-1917-524815 (English title: Longitudinal structural frame elements for airplanes and other uses, Filing date: 1917-05-05)
  • Patent FR-1921-524816 (English title: Independently controlled airplane ailerons, Filing date: 1917-05-14)
  • Patent FR-1921-524818 (English title: Servo-motor for the control of avion stabilty apparati, Filing date: 1917-06-26)
  • Patent FR-1918-504975 (English title: Parallel bar structure of rapid mounting and removal, Filing date: 1918-08-29)

Publications by or about Gabriel Voisin


Names Gabriel Voisin
Birth date 1880
Death date 1973
Countries FR
Occupations manufacturer
Tech areas Founder
Affiliations Société Anonyme des Aéroplanes G. Voisin, Appareils d'Aviation Les Frères Voisin
Wikidata id Q537074