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L'Aérophile was a leading aeronautics journal founded in 1893 by Georges Besançon. It began as the organ of the Union aérophile de France and became the official journal of the Aero Club of France.

In 1898, Wilfrid de Fonvielle was co-director with Besançon; Emmanuel Aimé was editor-in-chief. The publisher was given as Bureaux de l'Aérophile, 14, Rue des Grandes-Carrières ,14.[1]

Specific issues of L'Aérophile used as references in this wiki are listed below

See also an extensive (complete?) collection at Gallica (Bibliothèque Nationale de France), including years 1893−1898.

Dates of French patents in L'Aérophile are application dates, not grant dates.