Georges Besançon

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Georges Besançon in 1920

French aeronaut and journalist Georges Besançon (1866–1934) founded and edited the aeronautical journal L'Aérophile.[1]

Besançon helped train celebrated balloonist Salomon Andrée, probably in the late 1880s.[2]

In 1892, Besançon and scientist Gustave Hermite sent instruments on fabric or paper balloons into the upper atmosphere for meteorological research.[3]

In 1901, Hermite and Besançon sent up small instrumented rubber balloons that were designed to expand until at a high altitude they would burst. Then their instruments would descend by parachute.[3]

Besançon founded the aeronautical periodical L'Aérophile in 1893, and remained its director until at least 1910.[4] There he covered and reported on the era in which the airplane was invented and an international airplane industry arose.

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