Louis-Joseph-Jean-Baptiste Chêneau

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Louis-Joseph-Jean-Baptiste Chêneau was an aero inventor, an Engineer addressed at 60 Boulevard de Clichy, Paris, filing in collaboration with Albert Prévost.[1]

Patent FR-1911-434187 makes reference and builds upon the work of Patent FR-1911-430647, without being a mere per se certificat d'addition.

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Names Louis-Joseph-Jean-Baptiste Chêneau
Birth date
Death date
Countries BE, FR, GB
Locations Paris, département Seine, France
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Propellers, Propulsion, Subsystem, Control, Steering, Design, Aerodynamics, Industry, Nacelle, Aerostat, Airplane, LTA, Aviation, Airplane, HTA, Construction, Wings, Lift, Sustentation, Landing, Servomotors, Cables, Elasticity
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