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Louis Charles Joseph Blériot

Louis Blériot, or "Louis Charles Joseph Blériot"[1], (1872–1936) was a prominent inventor and aviator whose airplanes were widely displayed and used.

Diagram of Blériot's record-setting 17-mile flight from Toury to Artenay and back on 31 October 1908. (A monument commemorating this flight still stands in Toury.)[2]
Patent GB-1908-2588 Original Diagram
Patent GB-1908-9069 Original Diagram

In 1909, he flew the the Blériot XI across the English Channel and thereby won a £1000 prize from the Daily Mail.

(We are looking into the specifics of collaboration between Blériot and the Raymond Saulnier of Aéroplanes Morane-Saulnier.)

The Institut de France awarded Blériot and Gabriel Voisin the Prix Osiris, worth 100,000 francs.



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Names Louis Blériot; Louis Charles Joseph Blériot
Birth date July 1, 1872
Death date August 1, 1936
Countries US, GB, FR, HU, IT, US, ES
Locations 56 boule Maillot, Neuilly sur Seine, France
Tech areas Airship, Airplane, Wings, Aileron, Stability, Gyroscope, Rudder, Steering, Navigation, Landing, Control
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