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This is a "techtype" which sporadically comes up. The idea was prompted by Patent FR-1883-154376, in which an emphasis on "certaines formes et dispositions spéciales" is crucial within the patent's original title. Lacking knowledge regarding any of the invention's actual or verified functionality, the word "formes", in particular, seemed to suggest an inclination, on the inventor's part, in the inspired application of shapes, conceived in the abstract, to the utility and purpose otherwise at hand. At least tentatively, this suggested a slight tilt in emphasis, differing from other probably relevant concepts such as construction. Aside from outright "aesthetic" emphases within the phraseology of certain patents filed, this designation comes up in the general identification of certain inventors, along with their work, the two respectively putting emphasis on per se "designer", and "design". Ignaz Etrich is a key example, as is Edmund Rumpler. Specificity, in terms of . . . design, per se, such as that in Patent GB-1913-513, is another context in which the type is often used.

It may be, looking over the stretch of early aeronautical history, that this term's applicability reflects an overall trajectory ranging from the more vaguely, or theoretically, or abstractly conceptual, to the more technically specific.

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