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Aeronautical World was a monthly publication of the Aeronautical World Company in Glenville, Ohio, USA.

Volume 1, Nos. 1–11 (1902–1903) on Internet Archive.

At first glance, the purpose of this magazine seems to be popularizing aeronautics rather than communicating specialized information among savants. ("All matters will be recorded in a simple, clear and concise manner, so that readers may acquire with agreeable ease and pleasure and the utmost facility the greatest amount of good sound general knowledge, and much useful information relating to aeronautics.")[1]

Details in some of the news blurbs are sparse and a surprising number of articles are attributed to pseudonymous authors.

Reprints other publications in a "Digest of current Aëronautical Literature", favoring especially the Aeronautical Journal.

The Aeronautical World sometimes listed relevant U.S. and British patent applications, as for example here: Aeronautical World, 1 Aug. 1902, page 23


  1. Vol. 1, No. 1, August 1902, p. 3.

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