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September 1908 aero filings as listed within the 1909-1911 volumes of the Aeronautical Journal

The Aeronautical Journal was a major British periodical, published by the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain (later the Royal Aeronautical Society; journal changed name to Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society).

Some volumes are online at HathiTrust:

The AJ regularly published lists of British and American aero patents of interest. The dates given in the Journal are the dates of application.[1]

Printer was: King, Sell, & Railton, Ltd., 12, Gough Square, 4, Bolt Court, and 4, Birchin Lane, E.C.

Many issues are available in Harvard's Widener library: [1]. Peter's using nice bound copies of the 1909-1911 issues from there.


  1. Based a date correspondence with Neilson, 1910, Aeroplane Patents, and its stated rationale about a patent's term beginning with the date of application, that AJ's dates are application dates. (Confirmed by Patent GB-1895-10239 which has a full-text scan on espacenet; date given in AJ is the date of application.)
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