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Antoine-Padoue Filippi was a French aero inventor, located within département Seine, working a great deal with propulsion, and lift, his "système Filippi" of propellers playing a general role, and being suggestively included in 1915 French Patent filed in collaboration with Henri Boutigny, said patent having to do with a structure designed to support similar types of arrayed propellers.

Filippi gave his address on patents from 132 Avenue du Maine, Paris, France. In 1900 he filed a British patent in collaboration with Charles Macler, from Tunis, giving his occupation as government contractor. Later his occupation was "engineer".

We have him as a Civil Engineer specifically addressed at avenue du Maine, 132, Paris, département Seine, France.[1]

There seems to be a rather profound complex here, with strictly aerial work, with propellers, building upon itself, and borrowing as well from his own work in tech areas such as ventilation. Inter-patent referencing is fairly extreme, with nations such as Spain and Australia factoring into the nations in whose offices patents were filed.

Espacenet repeat inquiry on Filipi 1900-1920, prompted initially by references found within Patent FR-1911-424987.15884. He seems to have been more prolific than we had known . . . We are working on it!


Patents whose inventor or applicant is Antoine-Padoue Filippi

Names Antoine-Padoue Filippi
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR, Tunisia
Locations Paris, département Seine; Bizerte, Tunisia
Occupations Government Contractor, Engineer, Civil Engineer
Tech areas Propulsion, Lift, Design, Sustentation, Wings
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