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This is a super-category enclosing a variety of plain language terms for early aero technologies which will help search and classify. Parallel formal systems include the CPC system, the very similar IPC system, the USPC system, and the historical French patent classifications and German patent classifications.

Enclosing categories Techtypes
Subcategories Advertising, Aerial railway, Aircraft, Anchor, Airplane, Aerial road, Aero-hydraulic engine, Aeroplane, Aeroport logistics, Aerial communication, Aerial observation, Aerial navigation, Aerodynamics, Agriculture, Aiming, Airfoil, Airship, Aerostat, Aero-hydrostatic motor, Aerial traction, Apparel, Automobiles, Balloon train, Beacon, Basket, Ballistics, Balloons, Bombing, Biplane, Braking, Car, Cargo, Chaining, Chassis, Clutch, Cockpit, Communications, Commerce, Construction, Covering, Design, Device control, Dirigibles, Dyeing, Elevation, Frame, Ejection seat, Energy, Engine, Electronics, Entertainment, Fabric, Fire escape, Flapping, Fueling, Fun, Gas pressure, Gas valve, Gauge, Ground structures, Gyroscope, Hangars, Hunting, Hydrogen, Hybrid, Inflation, Internal combustion, Illumination, Ignition, Industry, Infrastructure, Helicopter, Hydroplane, Ladder, Landing, Launching, Lighting, Logistics, Metallurgy, Military, Mooring, Monoplane, Motors, Ornithopter, Orthopter, Parachutes, Passenger, Piloting, Precision, Portable, Projectile, Propellers, Protection, Recreation, Remote navigation, Repair, Rescue, Rockets, Rudder, Safety, Sail, Spectacle, Steam propulsion, Storage, Streamlining, Suspension, Track, Takeoff, Texture, Time-keeping, Torpedo, Training, Vehicle construction, Velocipede, Ventilation, Visibility, Wheels, Windscreens, Wing warping, Wings
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