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The issue of how to shelter or store the aircraft when not in use.

Lanchester, 1916, Aircraft in Warfare, p. 10, compares storage of dirigibles and airplanes:

On the question of storage or housing the advantage of the aeroplane is overwhelming; the aeroplane, especially if furnished with folding wings, can be stowed away in any ordinary shed or barn, or may be anchored in the open without serious risk, whereas the "balloon hall" necessary for the safety of an airship is not only costly, but is an unmistakable landmark for hostile aircraft at 20 miles distance. Again, bad weather affects the storage of an aeroplane but little, whereas the housing or getting out of an airship in a strong wind is a difficult and risky business, even under the best of conditions. A large Zeppelin may sometimes call for the services of 300 men.

Balloonhallen advertised by Sauce 'n' Kloss

(Airships, as shown in the case of Le Patrie, were indeed susceptible to damage or loss even from a grounded position.)

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