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Because the flapping motion can be made by the human body, there is some correlation between human-powered aircraft and aircraft using flapping, here exemplified by Patent US-1889-398984.
The inspiration for flapping comes of course from birds. Patent US-1888-381106, shown here, describes mechanical birds whose wings provide propulsion and tails act as rudders.
Patent US-1908-877529 describes adjustable wings which can be used for flapping or as sails.
Patent FR-1913-454866; this is one of our later instances of "flapping", the wings playing a role in lift, propulsion, and stability

Flapping is propulsion generated by up-and-down (or back-and-forth) motion of (flexible or rigid) "wings".

The USPC system has several classifications which pertain to aircraft flapping:

  • USPC 244/72 for patents related to flapping wings themselves;
  • USPC 244/22 for aircraft which fly only by means of flapping wings;
  • USPC 244/28 for LTA aircraft which also have flapping wings; and
  • USPC 244/11 for airplanes which also have flapping wings.

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