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"Aéro-Merveil" Patent BE-1909-214032 folder inclusive of Belgian "perfectionnements"
Patent BE-1909-214032.216841 parts of figures 2 & 3
Patent CH-1912-54064 figures 6-19
Patent GB-1914-10216 figures 9-14
Patent GB-1914-10216 figures 15-20
Patent GB-1914-10216 figures 21-22
Patent GB-1914-10216 figures 23-24

Alfred Wunderlich was an engineer and aero inventor in Brussels, Belgium. He was a German citizen ("subject"). His incorporation as A. Wunderlich & Cie, Ingénieurs-Conseils, classified as a Société anonyme, incidentally, 3 ave des Arts, Brussels, is currently being investigated. It is of note that this corporation often acted as representative of this individual, when filing in Belgium. When filing in Great Britain, for instance, he was represented by Boult, Wade & Tennant.

Wunderlich stands out strongly relative to our other Belgian findings, in terms of strategic incorporations, in terms of quantity and specificity of "perfectionnements", and in terms of the number of nations in which we have him registered as filing. (We are currently organizing all of the data.)

His patent which we have designated as Patent BE-1907-202697, likely the progenitor of some French material, gets into air-thinning, raréfaction, as a means of propulsion, and connects to his subsequent work.

His "Aéro-Merveil" is crucial. This was the focus of Patent BE-1909-214032 and of its extraordinary number of official "perfectionnements". This "Aéro-Merveil, ballon dirigeable sans gaz, air atmosphérique, combiné avec dispositifs d’aéroplane, système mixte d’aviation", or "Aero-Marvel, dirigible without gas, atmospheric air, combined with airplane apparatus, mixed system of aviation", will need further investigation.

Of note is the fact that Patent GB-1914-10216 is introduced “We, Société Anonyme L’Aéra and Alfred Wunderlich, both of 3 Avenue des Arts, Brussels, Belgium . . .” This corporate name and shared address suggest the possibility of its being a later incarnation of A. Wunderlich & Cie, Ingénieurs-Conseils.

Names Alfred E. Wunderlich; Alfred Wunderlich
Birth date
Death date
Countries BE, GB, FR, US, ES, AT, CH
Locations 3 ave des Arts, Brussels, Belgium
Tech areas Raréfaction, Airplane, Propellers, Wings, Flapping, airscrew, Motors
Affiliations A. Wunderlich & Cie, Ingénieurs-Conseils
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Prior to the establishment of A. Wunderlich & Cie, Ingénieurs-Conseils, Wunderlich did some volume of patent agent activity, usually identified merely as "Wunderlich". Thus far, all such instances significantly pre-date the patent agent activity of A. Wunderlich & Cie, Ingénieurs-Conseils. There will likely be more of these patents with mere "Wunderlich" acting as patent agent as we uncover earlier filings.

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