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Propulsion is the system for generating force to move an aircraft through the air. LTA aircraft at first lacked independent propulsion systems, relying the wind for propulsion (and changes in its velocity at different altitudes for navigation). Improvements in propulsion enabled LTA "dirigibles", operating on their own power and steerable.[1] Increasing engine efficiency enabled the development of airplanes, which to fly require a good ratio of horizontal force to weight.

The progress of engine propulsion for aircraft could be grouped into three rough phases: steam, through 1880; electric through 1890; and finally the "explosion motor" powered by petroleum or similar fuel.[2]

John Wise apparently thought that the advent of steam propulsion in the 1840s would do the trick, commenting on Henson's 1842 design that the addition of a steam engine would solve the longstanding problem of engines being unable to carry even their own weight.[3]


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