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Dr Andreas Ożegowski was an aero inventor in Ostrowo, Posen, Prussia, an area that is now in Poland.

  • [Wikipedia] there are other Ostrowos, but Ożegowski's German patents do not mention a country, impliying this one was in the country where it was filed.

Lilienthal museum lists his name as Ozeyowski sometimes, but searching the net, the g is correct. With the y, there are no other examples of this last name.

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  • he published about pigeons, and did medical experiments on them it seems

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Andreas Ożegowski


Names Andreas Ożegowski; Andreas Ozegowski; Andreas Ozeyowski
Birth date
Death date
Countries DE, PL
Locations Ostrowo, Posen
Occupations physician
Tech areas
Wikidata id