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Joseph Hofmann was an aero inventor, a “Counselor of the Government” addressed at No. 1, Lichterfeldstrasse, Berlin, Prussia, German Empire.[1] He did some work with the “compression” of air, under wings, in the furtherance of lift.[2] This usage of the word “compression” turns up very little in our patent data, though we suspect that at least one of the patent families coming from this inventor may help us flesh that out. “Compression”, in this sense, is a near-opposite to “rarefaction”. In terms of theory, published, see Armour, 1876, Air compression under wing-planes.

We also have him addressed at 71 Belle-Alliance-Strasse, Berlin, Germany.[3]

Hopefully, patent content will allow us to viably determine most or all “J. Hofmann” results as indeed pertinent to this Joseph Hofmann. Some patents which are definitively those of Joseph Hofmann make use of the abbreviated “J. Hofmann” here and there within their documents. It is only the variety in content, along with the apparent lag between the non-German filings and the German ones, which lead to a continued need for disambiguation.

Indeed, the Lilienthal Patent Objekt of Patent DE-1907-191433‎ gives us “Hofmann, Josef”.

Purely stylistic differences between the diagrams of Patent DE-1902-143820 and those of Patent US-1902-827017 are peculiar, but the underlying structures seem to match. Patent GB-1902-14116 is more or less identical to Patent DE-1902-143820.

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Names Josef Hofmann; Joseph Hofmann; J. Hofmann; Hofmann, Josef
Birth date
Death date
Countries CH, DE, GB, HU, US
Locations No. 1, Lichterfeldstrasse, Berlin, Prussia, German Empire; 71 Belle-Alliance-Strasse, Berlin, Germany
Tech areas Airplane, Wings, Aerodynamics, Compression, Propellers, Takeoff, Frame, Chassis, Wheels, Design, Construction
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