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Louis Constantin was an engineer and aero inventor. He filed patents from rue Théodore de Banville, 3, Paris, département Seine, France.[1]

We have him as being at least temporarily located in Madrid, Spain, using the fuller name "Louis Joseph Constantin".[2]

We have him at No. 2, Galdo, Madrid, Spain, and as going by the fuller name "Louis Joseph Constantin", and as an Engineer.[3]

We also have him filing from rue de Villejust, 23, Paris, département Seine, France.[4] We have him as an Engineer "formerly of Madrid, now residing at No. 23, Villejust, 23, Paris, in the French Republic".[5]

He filed at least partially in collaboration with François d’Astanières.[6]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Louis Constantin


Names Louis Constantin; Louis Joseph Constantin
Birth date
Death date
Countries AT, CA, CH, BE, DK, ES, FR, GB, HU, US
Locations département Seine, France; Madrid, Spain
Occupations Engineer
Tech areas Hydrodynamics, Aerodynamics, Airplane, Wings, Propellers, Design, Braking, Propulsion
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