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CA is an abbreviation in this wiki referring to Canada.


The Canadian patent office at the time of early aviation was apparently known as the Canadian Patent Office; the current one is the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. At some early stage the GB patent office handed off to the Canadian one. The Duy paper may explain.[1]

LTA's first impression of pre-1900 Canadian aero patents is (a) that they are scarce compared to GB, US, and FR – one or two filed per year, and (b) that many are filed by inventors outside of Canada. In some cases we can see that the Canadian patent complements a patent filed in the home country; in other cases (e.g. Patent CA-1890-34397) the inventors are foreign but we don't have a record of a home country patent.

Sources of Canadian patents

  • Espacenet. Scans of Canadian patents on espacenet show typescripts, as opposed to the usual, more finished-looking form available from other offices. As a result the same patent in Canada has more pages.
  • Canadian Patent Office Record – claims with selected illustrations, available from 1873.

Sources on Canadian patent law

Aero patents in Canada or by Canadians

This wiki has 156 Canadian patents and 132 patents filed by Canadians. Patents filed in Canada: Patent CA-1910-130429, Patent CA-1913-145568, Patent CA-1917-183481, Patent CA-1871-1120, Patent CA-1878-8860, Patent CA-1878-8661, Patent CA-1880-11065, Patent CA-1881-13782, Patent CA-1881-13781, Patent CA-1882-15047, Patent CA-1883-16485, Patent CA-1883-16642, Patent CA-1886-23490, Patent CA-1887-27518, Patent CA-1935-352511, Patent CA-1889-32866, Patent CA-1890-34397, Patent CA-1892-38306, Patent CA-1892-39665, Patent CA-1893-42121, Patent CA-1892-42224, Patent CA-1894-45512, Patent CA-1894-45441, Patent CA-1894-47161, Patent CA-1895-48175, Patent CA-1897-59000, Patent CA-1898-60745, Patent CA-1899-64001, Patent CA-1899-64250, Patent CA-1899-65679, Patent CA-1901-72205, Patent CA-1901-71789, Patent CA-1902-76895, Patent CA-1903-79200, Patent CA-1903-80653, Patent CA-1903-79019, Patent CA-1902-88779, Patent CA-1904-89023, Patent CA-1904-89244, Patent CA-1904-89753, Patent CA-1905-91827, Patent CA-1905-92599, Patent CA-1905-94471, Patent CA-1906-98826, Patent CA-1907-107139, Patent CA-1907-107137, Patent CA-1908-110915, Patent CA-1908-112390, Patent CA-1908-115382, Patent CA-1908-115409, Patent CA-1909-119297, Patent CA-1909-120124, Patent CA-1909-120910, Patent CA-1909-121776, Patent CA-1909-122631, Patent CA-1909-122630, Patent CA-1909-123016, Patent CA-1909-129828, Patent CA-1910-123446, Patent CA-1909-126457, Patent CA-1909-129877, Patent CA-1909-126212, Patent CA-1909-125915, Patent CA-1909-125903, Patent CA-1910-125912, Patent CA-1910-130057, Patent CA-1910-130076, Patent CA-1911-130403, Patent CA-1910-129800, Patent CA 1910-129892, Patent CA-1911-134092, Patent CA-1911-132010, Patent CA-1909-132597, Patent CA-1909-130387, Patent CA-1911-132444, Patent CA-1910-131159, Patent CA-1911-136791, Patent CA-1911-132008, Patent CA-1910-132029, Patent CA-1911-130716, Patent CA-1910-130926, Patent CA-1911-136795, Patent CA-1911-135745, Patent CA-1911-135394, Patent CA-1911-135847, Patent CA-1911-135808, Patent CA-1911-135765, Patent CA-1911-137237, Patent CA-1912-143021, Patent CA-1912-142945, Patent CA-1910-139965, Patent CA-1912-141177, Patent CA-1910-139887, Patent CA-1911-140669, Patent CA-1911-140668, Patent CA-1912-141690, Patent CA-1911-140098, Patent CA-1912-143449, Patent CA-1912-140732, Patent CA-1912-143645, Patent CA-1912-142946, Patent CA-1912-144784, Patent CA-1913-147357, Patent CA-1913-151237, Patent CA-1911-151395, Patent CA-1913-146917, Patent CA-1912-145897, Patent CA-1913-146886, Patent CA-1913-151290, Patent CA-1914-153820, Patent CA-1914-153805, Patent CA-1913-153111, Patent CA-1914-153654, Patent CA-1914-157764, Patent CA-1915-163670, Patent CA-1910-160815, Patent CA-1914-160546, Patent CA-1914-163658, Patent CA-1914-160569, Patent CA-1914-160646, Patent CA-1915-168370, Patent CA-1915-171775, Patent CA-1915-168327, Patent CA-1915-168340, Patent CA-1915-169201, Patent CA-1915-168371, Patent CA-1916-171122, Patent CA-1913-177322, Patent CA-1916-174636, Patent CA-1916-174618, Patent CA-1916-177679, Patent CA-1916-175501, Patent CA-1917-177665, Patent CA-1917-178893, Patent CA-1917-177845, Patent CA-1917-179013, Patent CA-1917-180420, Patent CA-1917-180803, Patent CA-1917-179235, Patent CA-1916-183271, Patent CA-1917-193104, Patent CA-1917-193103, Patent CA-1917-193102, Patent CA-1918-195123, Patent CA-1918-192493, Patent CA-1919-192594, Patent CA-1917-195939, Patent CA-1918-202958, Patent CA-1918-196108, Patent CA-1920-200421, Patent CA-1921-213446, Patent CA-1915-226683, Patent CA-1918-223196, Patent CA-1918-220537, Patent CA-1919-232582, Patent CA-1921-233350
Patents filed by persons from Canada: Patent CA-1910-130429, Patent CA-1917-183481, Patent US-1867-65023, Patent CA-1871-1120, Patent GB-1878-1827, Patent CA-1878-8860, Patent US-1878-204296, Patent DE-1879-5686, Patent US-1880-225306, Patent CA-1893-42121, Patent US-1895-534352, Patent US-1900-647567, Patent US-1900-651194, Patent US-1902-713441, Patent CA-1903-80653, Patent CA-1906-98826, Patent FR-1906-365956, Patent US-1907-856876, Patent US-1908-899987, Patent CA-1908-115382, Patent GB-1909-26567, Patent US-1909-934771, Patent US-1909-927996, Patent GB-1908-19982, Patent FR-1908-394956, Patent US-1910-953739, Patent US-1910-971235, Patent US-1910-966424, Patent CA-1909-126457, Patent US-1909-969627, Patent CA-1910-125912, Patent FR-1910-415538, Patent US-1910-978732, Patent FR-1910-416254, Patent AU-1910-18265, Patent NZ-1910-27923, Patent CA-1911-130403, Patent CA-1910-129800, Patent US-1909-1011106, Patent US-1911-987624, Patent GB-1910-924, Patent US-1911-980620, Patent CA-1910-131159, Patent US-1911-997804, Patent US-1911-1003885, Patent US-1911-994106, Patent CA-1911-136795, Patent AU-1911-922, Patent FR-1911-428801, Patent FR-1911-428994, Patent GB-1911-11229, Patent FR-1911-431358, Patent GB-1911-12099, Patent CA-1911-135394, Patent FR-1911-430028, Patent FR-1911-432554, Patent CA-1911-135808, Patent US-1911-1036834, Patent GB-1911-20722, Patent US-1911-990897, Patent US-1911-990897, Patent US-1910-1045152, Patent US-1912-1029754, Patent US-1912-1041779, Patent FR-1912-440240, Patent CA-1912-143645, Patent CA-1912-142946, Patent GB-1912-11905, Patent US-1912-1045657, Patent GB-1912-25348, Patent US-1908-1075969, Patent US-1913-1051709, Patent US-1913-1055455, Patent GB-1912-25387, Patent GB-1913-27698, Patent FR-1913-451340, Patent FR-1913-453895, Patent FR-1913-456303, Patent GB-1913-26804, Patent US-1914-1099827, Patent US-1914-1118124, Patent CA-1914-153805, Patent GB-1914-13234, Patent GB-1914-22120, Patent US-1915-1130516, Patent US-1915-1127798, Patent US-1915-1134241, Patent GB-1915-9987, Patent US-1916-1176084, Patent US-1916-1178739, Patent US-1917-1214612, Patent US-1917-1243885, Patent GB-1917-112685, Patent CA-1917-177665, Patent US-1917-1247802, Patent US-1917-1250749, Patent GB-1917-118341, Patent CA-1917-180420, Patent US-1918-1284851, Patent US-1918-1264966, Patent US-1918-1260917, Patent US-1917-1266910, Patent US-1918-1279068, Patent US-1918-1278358, Patent GB-1918-117036, Patent US-1918-1268333, Patent GB-1918-121056, Patent US-1919-1297032, Patent FR-1919-495431, Patent US-1919-1293160, Patent US-1919-1298724, Patent GB-1918-122302, Patent FR-1918-496272, Patent US-1919-1295398, Patent FR-1919-496396, Patent GB-1919-131071, Patent FR-1919-496591, Patent GB-1918-127418, Patent CA-1918-192493, Patent US-1919-1296551, Patent US-1920-1334615, Patent US-1918-1330664, Patent US-1920-1327183, Patent CA-1918-196108, Patent AU-1918-9236, Patent US-1918-1332528, Patent FR-1919-506305, Patent US-1918-1374256, Patent GB-1920-160598, Patent US-1922-1430393, Patent US-1926-1599468, Patent US-1927-1645237


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(Duy reference, 2001, isn't appearing there; not sure why)

To sort through and add above

From this list, plus more pages of that list I didn't get to:

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