Patent US-1916-1176084

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Patent classification:

  • CPC B64C13/00 Control systems or transmitting systems for actuating flying-control surfaces, lift-increasing flaps, air brakes, or spoilers
  • Inventor location (imputed by HistPat): King county, WA (FIPSloc=53033) -- incorrect ; he's from Winnipeg example


Year filed 1914
Year granted 1916
Office US
Patent number 1176084
Inventors John Milford Moorhouse
Inventor country CA
Applicant person John Milford Moorhouse
Applicant firm
Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? Yes
Original title Aeroplane
English title Aeroplane
Tech fields control
Filing date May 14, 1914
Full specification filed date
Application number 1914838520
Grant date March 21, 1916
Granted? Yes
Publication date
Supplementary to patent
Related to aircraft? Yes
Serial number
Patent agent
Assigned to
National tech categories USPC 244/232
CPCs CPC B64C13/00
Family year 1914
First filing? Yes
Cites these patents
Citations from after 1930
Application ID 335624561
INPADOC family ID 44077179
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