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Gustav Lilienthal was an inventor and brother of Otto Lilienthal. His interests in early life included architecture and child development, and to both of these ends he created a type of building block for children. After the death of his brother Otto he became involved in carrying on his work

Even at his advanced age, Gustav Lilienthal carried forward the work on bird-like flight for humans which he and his brother had begun together in their youth — an undertaking whose development, in the opinion of Gustav Lilienthal, had veered in the wrong direction following Otto Lilienthal's death in 1896. And so the octogenarian worked away on his giant wing-flapping aircraft, which never even left the ground, at the Berlin airfields Adlerhof and Tempelhof (which had in the meantime become major urban airports).[1]

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Names Gustav Lilienthal
Birth date October 9, 1849
Death date February 1, 1933
Countries DE, AH, GB, AU
Locations Anklam; Prague; London; Melbourne; Berlin
Occupations mason, Architect, Teacher
Tech areas Flapping
Affiliations Royal Aeronautical Society
Wikidata id