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AU is an abbreviation in this wiki referring to Australia.

Lawrence Hargrave was a prominent Australian aero inventor who didn't file for patents, on principle.

Patent system

The Australian Patent Office was founded in 1904.[1] Before that it appears patents were filed with the British government. Australia became independent in 1901 and we don't know the story from 1901 to 1904.

This office issued patents beginning with number 1 in 1904 through number 25,875 in 1935 (after which it skipped to 100,001). Evidently the numbering was reset in 1911. Stay tuned for further clarification.

The official publication was the Australian Official Journal of Patents.[2]

We don't yet have many patents from Australia. There must be far more. Patent AU-1914-10738 turned up in an espacenet search but doesn't contain a facsimile; nor does the Australian government's patent website ( appear to have an entry for it.

Australian patents typically have a date filed and a date advertised which we interpret as date published. Sometimes there is also a different date for complete specification filed. The patents are generally sorted by year filed, as si done in Britain.

The Australian patents are well marked and indexed by subject matter classification; here the most relevant group of classifications falls under AU 90, especially AU 90.1, AU 90.3, and AU 90.5. Of course inventions in other categories, for example related to propulsion, stability, and material, are relevant as well.

They had a second-tier sort of patent called an "innovation patent" from some intermediate year until 2021. We don't have any of these in our database.[3]

Linking to an Australian patent record

See Template talk:AUpatentsources. The template links to a record in IP Australia's Pericles system. Once there, open the Bibliographic Data and scroll down to a link to the specification. Here's an example patent which links to espacenet and to Pericles: Patent AU-1912-545612

To search historic Australian patents, start here:


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Patents filed in Australia

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