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Nazaire Lacrotte was an engineer and aero inventor in Paris, France. It looks like he might have two or three basic patent families, having to do with seating, and the reduction in shock therein, and other aspects of safety, inclusive of a pneumatic suit.

We have him filing in collaboration with François Creceveur.[1]

British Patent data has him as an Engineer filing from 136 Avenue Parmentier, Paris, France.[2]

We do have the complete location data avenue Parmentier, 136, Paris, département Seine, France, on at least one French patent.[3]

Hungarian patent data also has him filing from Paris, and identified as a “Privatier” (Magánzó).[4] This is a well-heeled bourgeois, or at least “private person”, blurred with nobility or alleged nobility in some of our data, only somewhat tangent to Gentleman.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Nazaire Lacrotte


Names Nazaire Lacrotte
Birth date
Death date
Countries AT, AU, CA, CH, DE, ES, FR, GB, HU, US
Locations Paris, département Seine, France
Occupations engineer, gentlemen
Tech areas Piloting, Cockpit, Safety, Seating, Parachutes, Airplane, Frame, Construction, Design, headgear, Shock-absorbers
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