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Protective suit for aviators (or motorists) to shield against steering wheel, etc., in case of accident:

This combination comprises a helmet, a breastplate, thigh protectors and shin guards and each of these parts is constituted by a central core formed by square-shaped india rubber elements one face of which is flat and the other arched, the said elements being arranged in separate boxes or compartments formed by vertical and horizontal strips sewn to two inclosing pieces of canvas. the core thus constituted, is itself confined between layers of compressed and quilted cotton and elastic cotton with the interposition in the cotten of one or more cork plates and the whole is contained in an envelop, the outer face of which is covered with a sheet of leather or skin in order to prevent the envelop from being torn in contact with sharp angles.


  • Patent 1105569 document and bibliographic info on espacenet
  • Patent 1105569 at google patents
  • Found by web searching name of inventor in Patent US-1913-1104429, which yielded a brief mention in the patents section of Compressed Air Magazine.
  • Witnesses (on the final document page): Maurice Picard and Hanson C. Coxe, this Coxe factoring in quite often, and the French surname Picard having connection throughout or data, including within the sphere of French patent agents.
  • Witnesses (on the final diagram page): F. H. Logan (Frank H. Logan) and Cornelius ... ; the diagram page also includes the not very legible name of an attorney representing the inventor.

Year filed 1913
Year granted 1914
Office US
Patent number 1105569
Inventors Nazaire Lacrotte
Inventor country FR
Applicant person Nazaire Lacrotte
Applicant firm
Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? Yes
Original title Pneumatic suit for aviators
English title Pneumatic suit for aviators
Tech fields passenger, piloting, safety, apparel, leather, texture
Filing date 1913/11/04
Full specification filed date
Application number
Grant date 1914/07/28
Granted? Yes
Publication date
Supplementary to patent
Related to aircraft? Yes
Serial number 799162
Patent agent
Assigned to
National tech categories USPC 2/2.14, USPC 2/22, USPC 2/410, USPC 2/6.1, USPC 89/36.05, USPC D29/100
CPCs CPC B64D10/00
Family year 1912
First filing? No
Cites these patents
Citations from after 1930
Application ID
Number of text pages 2
Number of diagram pages 2
Number of figures 6
Number of claims 1