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"My first experiments had shown that wooden aeroplanes did much better than any of the fabric covered aeroplanes that I was able to make at that time, but as wood was quite out of the question on my large machine on account of its weight, it was necessary for me to conduct experiments with a view of ascertaining the relative values of different fabrics. For this purposes, I made the little apparatus shown (Fig. 21). This was connected to a fan blower driven by a steam engine having a governor that worked directly on the point of cut-off. The speed was, therefore, quite uniform and the blast of air practically constant. I had a considerable number of little frames cut out of sheet steel, and to these I attached various kinds of fabric, such as ordinary satin, white silk, closely woven silk, linen, various kinds of woolen fabrics, including some very coarse tweeds, also glass-paper, tracing linen, and the very best quality of Spencer's balloon fabric."[1]

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