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The full name of this firm is “Siemens-Schuckert Werke Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung”.[1] For more on the G.m.b.H corporate designation, in context, see company types. We have them addressed at No. 3, Askanischer Platz, Berlin, Germany.[2] It was sometimes called "Siemens-Schuckertwerke".

This company was created by Siemens & Halske Aktiengesellshaft in 1903 after the acquisition of Schuckert & Co. The companies remained closely coordinated and in 1966 merged to form Siemens AG.[3]

There was a Abteilung Flugzeugbau (Department of Aircraft) of Siemens-Schuckert Works, a giant electricity generating firm, in Siemensstadt (Siemens City) near Berlin. Franz and Bruno Steffen were designers starting in late 1914.

The company began building large non-rigid airships in 1907, followed by aeroplanes from 1909-1911, when work stopped due to a death in a flying accident. Aircraft Department reopened September 1914, creating a series of Steffen-designed Rissenflugzeug (giant aircraft) from May 1915; the R8, which had six 300hp Basse and Selve engines in fuselage with shafting to tractor and pusher propellers, was the largest aircraft of 1918; no indication that these were other than prototypes. Production aircraft from October 1915 included Type D and E monoplane fighters; output was modest and included the E1, 1915 (20 built); D1, 1916 (95 delivered); and the D4, 1918, a fast-climbing interceptor with 160hp Siemens-Halske motor (120 built). This work stopped when the war ended.[4]


During our period, Siemens-Schuckert Werke internationally filed hundreds of patents, many concerned with electricity and related machinery. Some of these are listed on espacenet under "SIEMENS AG" and other variations.[5] Our German and likely German red-link patent prompts shown in the reports below reflect patents which were quite likely filed but which may not have been accepted.


Patents associated with organizations named Siemens-Schuckert Werke GmbH, Siemens-Schuckert-Werke G.m.b.H., or Siemens-Schuckertwerke

Names Siemens-Schuckert Werke GmbH, SSW, Abteilung Flugzeugbau, Siemens-Schuckert-Werke G.m.b.H., Siemens-Schuckertwerke
Country Germany
City Siemensstadt (Siemens City) near Berlin, No. 3, Askanischer Platz, Berlin, Germany
Affiliations Siemens & Halske Aktiengesellshaft, Motorluftschiff Studiengesellschaft m.b.H
Keywords LTA, electricity, navigation, airplane
Started aero 1907
Ended aero 1918
Key people Franz Steffen, Bruno Steffen
Wikidata id Q466871