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We have very little on Reinhold Richter, though he was clearly of Germanic descent and likely of per se German nationality, generally located in Berlin, though filing most extensively in Austria, both during and after our years of focus, filing fairly extensively in Hungary, and filing only very modestly in Germany, to the best of our knowledge at present.

Regarding this inventor, and our counts of text and diagram pages, when filing in Austria in particular, modest diagrams are usually fitted onto the last page of text.

We have Richter fairly consistently as a Merchant or Trader located in Berlin-Friedenau, Germany.[1] (In one German filing his location is Berlin-Schöneberg, essentially the same place, as Schöneberg encompasses Friedenau. Viz. w:de:Berlin-Friedenau etc.) His address was 24 Sponholzstraße,[2] not far from Tempelhof airfield.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Reinhold Richter


Names Reinhold Richter
Birth date
Death date
Countries AT, DE, HU
Locations Berlin, Berlin-Friedenau, Germany
Occupations Merchant
Tech areas Fuselage, Longerons, Airship, Rigid, Gas, Safety, Texture, Airplane, Frame, Construction, Chassis, Wheels, Motors, Military, Design, Compartments, LTA, Monoplane, Projectile, Propellers
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