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Albert Eustace Short was an aeronautical engineer and inventor with his brothers Horace Leonard Short and Hugh Oswald Short. They filed patents from 56 Prince of Wales Mansions, Battersea Park, in London.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Albert Eustace Short

  • Patent GB-1910-6605 (English title: Valves for Gas Containers employed in Balloons or in Airships, Filing date: 1910-03-16)
  • Patent GB-1910-12306 (English title: Improvements in or connected with Aeroplanes, Filing date: 1910-05-19)
  • Patent GB-1909-23166 (English title: Improvements to rudders or elevating planes of flying machines, Filing date: 1909-10-11)
  • Patent GB-1910-2481 (English title: Improvements related to valves for gas containers employed as balloons or in airships, Filing date: 1910-02-01)
  • Patent GB-1910-2611 (English title: Improvements in or relating to the construction of aeroplanes, Filing date: 1910-02-02)
  • Patent GB-1910-2613 (English title: Improvements aeroplane construction, Filing date: 1910-02-02)
  • Patent GB-1910-2614 (English title: Improvements to mechanical flying machines, Filing date: 1910-02-02)
  • Patent GB-1910-2615 (English title: Improvements to mechanical flying machines, Filing date: 1910-02-02)
  • Patent GB-1910-5646 (English title: Valves for gas containers in balloons or airships, Filing date: 1910-03-07)
  • Patent GB-1910-12905 (English title: Wheeled carriage for flying machines, Filing date: 1910-05-27)
  • Patent US-1912-1015090 (English title: Aeroplane, Filing date: 1910-07-28)
  • Patent US-1911-984497 (English title: Wheeled carriage for flying machine, Filing date: 1910-07-28)
  • Patent FR-1911-426901 (English title: Valve for shell of balloons and air-ships, Supplementary to patent: Patent GB 1910-03-17, Filing date: 1911-03-06)
  • Patent FR-1915-476189 (English title: Hydroplane with elastically mounted floats, Filing date: 1914-02-20)
  • Patent FR-1915-476188 (English title: Hydroplane with floats possessing elastically controlled tails, Filing date: 1914-09-14)