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Édouard Vedovelli was a French inventor, beyond aeronautics and within. His aero-contributions were almost solely directed towards airplanes per se, in focusing on each aspect of the aircraft's needs, generally approaching this by way of an extensive number of certificates of addition, each one fairly basic, synthesized towards the whole. We have him located as within the département Seine, France.[1] We have him generally later as located within the département Seine-et-Oise, France.[2]

There is more Édouard Vedovelli patent material on Espacenet. He was moderately prolific beyond aero, though it was within aviation that he seemed to have applied the most integrated work, as seen again in the certificates of addition shown above. He seems to have filed patents in a few countries, from 1898-1930, with his aero-contribution occurring between 1909 and 1913, and with the filings being made exclusively in France.

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Names Édouard Vedovelli
Birth date
Death date
Countries FR
Locations Seine-et-Oise
Tech areas Airplane, Frame, Design, Construction, Landing, Wings, Motors, Propulsion, combustion, Propellers, Ventilation, Suspension, Ascension
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