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René Arnoux was a French aero inventor, 45 rue du Ranelagh, Paris, Seine, France. He was also fairly prolific in terms of his aeronautical publications.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is René Arnoux

  • Patent DE-1909-254892 (English title: Airplane (probably), Filing date: 1909-11-27)
  • Patent FR-1909-396839 (English title: Improvements brought to airplanes and related engines, and products (games, displays, and engines) of pertinent application, Filing date: 1908-11-27)
  • Patent FR-1909-397368 (English title: Improvements brought to carrying surfaces of airplanes, hydroplanes and related apparati, and products for said mentionned improvements or in similarly pertinent application, Filing date: 1908-12-12)
  • Patent US-1914-1095952 (Filing date: 1909-11-20)
  • Patent GB-1909-27140 (English title: Improvements relating to Aeroplanes and like Machines, Supplementary to patent: Patent FR-1909-396839, Filing date: 1909-11-22)
  • Patent US-1912-1025941 (Filing date: 1911-06-24)
  • Patent BE-1912-250838 (English title: Improvements to machines such as, notably above all, airplanes, Filing date: 1912-11-11)
  • Patent DE-1912-321248 (English title: Device used to achiev consistent sustentation of aircraft, Filing date: 1912-11-15)
  • Patent GB-1913-13939 (English title: Anemometric Regulator for Aeroplanes, Filing date: 1913-06-16)
  • Patent FR-1919-491253 (English title: Improvements brought to airplanes, Filing date: 1915-11-16)
  • Patent GB-1916-126998 (English title: Improvements relating to Aeroplanes, Supplementary to patent: Patent FR-1919-491253, Filing date: 1916-10-17)

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Names René Arnoux
Birth date
Death date
Countries US
Locations 45 rue du Ranelagh, Paris, Seine, France
Tech areas Airplane, Hydroplane, Wheels, Chassis, Wings, Navigation, Hybrid
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