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Johann Schütte, or Johann Schuette, was a naval architect and an aero inventor filing patents generally from 47b Jäschkenthalerweg, Langfuhr, near Danzig, Germany, identifying as "a subject of the King of Prussia". He has also been identified professionally as a teacher.[1] We also have him self-described as an "Expert Engineer", filing from "Grosse Allee 31, Danzig, Langfuhr, German Empire".[2] We have him as a "Naval Constructor".[3]

Before filing his many aero patents listed, he had already obtained international patents for various inventions, including some related to steam propulsion and measuring instruments. He did quite a lot with the frames of airships.

Tentatively, it seems Schütte was a professor at the Technische Hochschule Danzig, where he taught Luftschiffahrt und Aerostatik (airship travel and aerostatics). (His colleagues there were Prof. Wagener and Dr.-ing. Pröll.)[4]


Patents whose inventor or applicant is Johann Schütte

Names Johann Schütte; Johann Schuette
Birth date
Death date
Countries DE
Locations 47b Jäschkenthalerweg, Langfuhr, near Danzig, Germany
Occupations Architect, Teacher, Engineer
Tech areas Airship, Propulsion, Frame, Design, Construction, Balloons, Compartments, Ballonet, Dirigibles, Hélice, Control, Steering, Nacelle, Aerostat, LTA, Propellers, Rigid, Gas valve, Gas pressure, Steam, Instrument
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