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Chromium-plated stealth airship capable of in-flight refueling.

This invention relates to a combined war and passenger airship which, at an appropriate altitude, will be invisible.
The cover is made of chromium metal, which has the power of resisting a pressure of 40 kilogram per □ mm. (25 tons per □") and has a specific gravity of 2.7. It excels all other base metals in resisting oxydation, and is extremely tough. The metal will be highly polished, giving it the reflective power of a mirror.

The bottom of the vessel tapers into a tetrahedron shape. "The reflection of the triangular exterior equalises light and shade; the vessel will therefore always take the colour of its surrounding elements, and consequently, be invisible.

Divided into numerous compartments, with extensive interior framing.

In front of and adjoining the traveling car is a lift or elevating car, suspended by four diverging steel wire ropes. This contrivance fulfils the following purposes:—in war time, the airship can hover over a marine warship and take up from the latter fuel, explosives, or gas, without landing. In peaceful traffic, passengers, mails, ballast, etc., can be taken on board from, or lowered down to, intermediate stations. Hence there will not be any difficulty whatever for the airship to remain in the air for months if necessary. Before the car is lowered, the airship pays out a steel hawser, which is anchored on the land or marine warship. The car is steaded by the diverging wire ropes and can be lowered to a considerable extent without being set in swinging or rotating motion.

  • Inventor location: Dewar House, 11, Haymarket, S.W., Counhis ty of London
  • Inventor occupation: Airship engineer, Baron

Espacenet scan contains an original and seemingly very similar amended version.


Year filed 1910
Year granted 1910
Office GB
Patent number 14688
Inventors Adam Roenne
Inventor country GB
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Applicant type INDIV
Applicant is inventor? Yes
Original title An Improved Airship
English title Airship
Tech fields LTA, airfoil, texture, stability, chromium, rigid, military, passenger, ballonet, frame, car, nacelle, cargo, navigation, marine
Filing date June 17, 1910
Full specification filed date
Application number 191014688D
Grant date November 24, 1910
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Family year 1910
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INPADOC family ID 11093906
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