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Neilson, Robert Morrison. 1910. Aeroplane Patents. New York: D. Van Nostrand Company. Online at HathiTrust and at and at google books.

Working less well at the moment: google books

This is a book of British and US aero patents. It also describes the patent system and gives advice to inventors.

The author, Robert Neilson, was an expert patent agent who wrote other books about patent practice and steam turbine technology.

If this book refers to a patent, that's a more-than-99% confidence signal that the patent was related to aeronautics.

Regarding dates given in this book for British patents:

The date in the reviews given below which immediately follows the number of each patent is the date of application. When, previous to this date, a patent for the same invention has been applied for by the same inventor or with his consent in one or more other countries signatory to the International Convention, the date of the first application in a convention country is given in parenthesis. The term of the British patent counts from this date. See Section I. p. 8.[1]

On this website it is a good practice to link directly from a patent to Neilson's pages about it on On this wiki {{Neilson1910|20|p20-22}} will expand into this kind of citation.

On pp. 77–80 of Neilson are numbers only—no inventors or titles—of patents filed in 1909 and the first eight months of 1910. We haven't fully processed all of these data. Absent other information, the year with which these entries are linked should be recorded as the filing year. Some of these patents don't appear on espacenet, or elsewhere that we can find, and we suppose that some of these were not granted.


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