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William John Hastings Beach was an aero inventor, whom we have as a Mechanic addressed at 16 Crawford Place, Wellington, New Zealand.[1]

We have him as being of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, filing a patent while residing at 16 Crawford Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand.[2] We are dealing with one closely filed family of patents here, having to do with a well-elaborated airplane design, the patent filings, if not the initial conception, all apparently springing from the inventor's time of residence in Wellington. We may later ascertain how this fits into a greater biography.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is William John Hastings Beach


Names William John Hastings Beach
Birth date
Death date
Countries AU, FR, GB, NZ, US
Locations Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; Wellington, New Zealand
Occupations Mechanic
Tech areas Airplane, Airfoil, Lift, Frame, Propellers, Wheels, Springs, Elevator, Stability, Landing, Whole, Automatic stability, Design, Aerodynamics
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