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The keyword whole used to describe an invention, on this wiki, means that the technology described is a whole or complete machine, generally an aircraft.

The term here is part of a typology whose other elements are subsystem and method. "Whole" and "Subsystem" especially are more or less mutually exclusive terms, unlike most of the other tech keywords used on this wiki. We do in practice find however that an airplane design, for instance, conceived as "whole" or "complete", may later, whether during the period of our focus or in the immediate aftermath, make use of motors, for instance, the specialized development and production of which will be associated with an appropriately specialized firm. These instances are often found as we come across data on these latter-mentioned firms. A key example may be elucidated via patents of Louis Renault, and by way of “Renault motors”, the specific design provenance of which we don't know, being used in connection with airplanes of Caudron and Farman and Louis-Charles Bréguet.

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