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The keyword subsystem used to describe an invention, on this wiki, means that the technology described pertains to the improvement in usually one specific area of aero-technology. Whereas a patent titled "Aeroplane", for instance, may at least claim to be complete enough for us to designate it as "whole", another patent, even in its title, may be easily enough designated as a "subsystem" sort of invention. Another patent, with a title such as "Automatic balancing device for aeroplanes", will be treated in terms of equilibrium, and stability, and airplane ; in any case it is a clear example of a "subsystem" patent. That is, "airplane" is clearly relevant, though we are also clearly dealing with a more particularly focused innovation.

The term here is part of a typology whose other elements are whole and method. "Whole" and "Subsystem" especially are more or less mutually exclusive terms, unlike most of the other tech keywords used on this wiki.

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