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Armand-Jean-Auguste Deperdussin (born in Belgium, d. 11 June 1924) was a silk dealer and boat manufacturer who also became an aviation entrepreneur. (He also had some patents for an 'optical projection apparatus'.)

He entered the aviation field in 1909, in partnership with engineer Louis Béchereau, a founder of the "Société de Construction d'Appareils Aériens". Béchereau's company was transformed into the Société pour les Appareils Deperdussin, a.k.a. SPAD.[1] (When Blériot took over the company he changed the name but kept the acronym.)

SPAD produced a monoplane in 1911 which performed well compared with other aircraft at the French army trials of that year.[1] On 13 January 1912, Jules Védrines set a new world speed record (145 km/hour) flying a Deperdussin with framework improvements inspired by Eugène Ruchonnet. On 2 March 1912 he hit 168 km/hour.[2]

Deperdussin was jailed for embezzlement in August 1913. He was inducted into the Légion d'honneur, for his contributions to aviation, while incarcerated. He was convicted in 1917 and given a suspended sentence. Disgraced, he shot himself and died in 1924.[3]

Deperdussin was often "represented by Le Syndicat de Faillite", though this latter appears to have been a bankruptcy organization, with Amable-Joseph Raynaud appearing as some sort of agent, though Raynaud, in turn, is labelled, elsewhere, as an inventor. A certain "M. Raynaud" also turns up, in certain originals, as Le Syndicat de Faillite.

Deperdussin also appears to have been a leader and an industrialist, along with his own per se innovation.

In the patents cited below, and perhaps more, Deperdussin is applicant, and not necessarily, though still possibly, the actual inventor. Original documents are still key.

In Patent FR-1914-442814.19176, Deperdussin is represented by “Le Syndic de Faillite M. Raynaud” in some capacity, the Charles Dony is the patent agent as such. Le Syndicat de Faillite along with any relation between it and Deperdussin will have to be re-examined.

On a different note, pertaining perhaps to a legally fastidious nature, or to a proprietarily assertive nature, on the part of Deperdussin, the original brevet Patent FR-1910-417175‎ and Patent FR-1910-417524, for instance, were filed by him in collaboration with Georges-Joseph de Feure and Louis Béchereau, whereas he filed the addition, Patent FR-1911-417175.14228‎, non-collaboratively.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Armand-Jean-Auguste Deperdussin



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Names Armand-Jean-Auguste Deperdussin
Birth date 1864-07-08
Death date 1924-06-11
Countries BE, FR
Locations Paris
Occupations airplane maker
Tech areas Airplane, Piloting, Silk, Design, Fuselage, Tail fin, Control, Steering, Aileron, Stability, Aerodynamics, Automatic stability
Affiliations SPAD
Wikidata id Q2861834