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The company Société Anonyme pour l'Aviation et ses Dérivés (SPAD) started up in France in 1914.

Key persons: Louis Bechereau had been technical director and a designer-manager at Établissements A. Deperdussin, and Louis Blériot, designer and founder of Blériot Aéronautique.

In early 1914, Bechereau and Blériot acquired assets of the Établissements A. Deperdussin which had been placed in receivership in August 1913. and renamed the firm SPAD. Contemporary company literature soon justified the new name of SPAD as an acronym for Société Anonyme pour l'Aviation et ses Dérivés. The company designed and built some 2,500 aircraft during WWI; over 15,000 additonal craft were delivered by numerous subcontractors.

While the Gunston books list alternative meanings for the acronym SPAD, we have chosen not to use them, given the contemporaneous information on the underlying meaning of SPAD as Société Anonyme pour l'Aviation et ses Derives, according to SD. Bechereau appears to have left SPAD before or during 1918 in order to form Société des Avions Louis Bechereau with Pierre Levasseur in 1918., which seems to leave Blériot as the only founder with an interest in SPAD. According to SD, in 1919, Blériot merged the SPAD establishment into Blériot Aéronautique, although designs originating with the SPAD staff continued to receive SPAD designations well into the 1930s. According to G and 2dG, however, it was in 1921 that the company was restructured and renamed Blériot Aeronautique. 1920Dir40 lists a works called Air Navigation and Engineering Co., Ltd. as having an address at Blériot and Spad Aircraft Works, Addlestone, Surrey, UK.


Names Société Anonyme pour l'Aviation et ses Dérivés, Société Pour Aviation et ses Dérives, SPAD
Country France
City Bétheny; Reims; chief plant during war was on Rue du Val d'Or, Suresnes.
Started aero 1914
Ended aero Restructured, 1921
Key people Louis Bechereau, Louis Blériot, Pierre Levasseur
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