Établissements A. Deperdussin

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Wealthy silk-merchant Armand-Jean-Auguste Deperdussin; designers/managers Louis Béchereau and André Herbemont. Frederick "Frits" Koolhoven worked briefly as designer.

Formed February 1910; built more than 2 single- and twin-engine monoplanes, most designed by Béchereau and Herbemont, including racers with Béchereau monocoque fuselages that set many world speed records. Deperdussin arrested for embezzlement in August 1913 and company placed in receivership. In early 1914, Louis Béchereau, then technical director of the firm, and Louis Blériot, founder of Blériot Aéronautique, gain control of company, which they renamed Société Anonyme pour l'Aviation et ses Dérives (SPAD).

SD lists two military craft dated 1914, which suggests that production continued during the receivership.


Names Établissements A. Deperdussin
Country France
City Bétheny; Reims
Started aero 1910
Ended aero 1914
Key people Armand-Jean-Auguste Deperdussin, Louis Béchereau, André Herbemont, Frederick "Frits" Koolhoven, Louis Blériot
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