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Jules Védrines was a French aviator who set several word airplane speed records and was the first aviator to fly faster than 100 miles per hour.


  • 13 January 1912: 90 mph = 145 km/h at Pau
  • 12 March 1912: 104 mph = 168 km/h
  • 9 September 1912: 108 mph = 174 km/h in Illinois, after winning the 4th Gordon Bennett airplane race

Védrines was also a significant player in aviation during the war.

Early French patent data has Védrines as located within département Aude, France.[2]

Later French patent data has him as located with département Seine, France, and filing in collaboration with Louis-Léon Astoux.[3] Thus, the change in location seems to have had some relation to the collaborative work

British data has Védrines as an Aviator addressed at 33 rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, Paris, Seine, France, and filing in collaboration with Louis-Léon Astoux.[4]

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Names Jules Védrines; Jules Vedrines; Jules-Charles-Toussaint Védrines
Birth date 1881
Death date 1919
Countries FR
Locations département Aude, France ; Paris, département Seine
Occupations pilot, aviator
Tech areas Airplane, Fuselage, Construction, Steering, Navigation, Wings
Affiliations D'Astoux et Cie, Louis-Léon Astoux
Wikidata id Q3188966