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Georges de Feure was a French painter. The name is a pseudonym, it seems, for his real name Georges Joseph van Sluijters.[1] He was an aero inventor in collaboration with Armand-Jean-Auguste Deperdussin and Louis Béchereau.[2] This is the same location we have when he filed as a single individual.[3]

While the three individuals filed collaboratively on Patent FR-1910-417175‎, Armand-Jean-Auguste Deperdussin filed Patent FR-1911-417175.14228‎ on his own.

He also engaged in three way collaboration, the other two contributors being Armand-Jean-Auguste Deperdussin and Louis Béchereau.[4][5]

French Wikipedia says approximately this: In 1909 he co-founded De Feure & Deperdussin (DFD & Cie), a building construction company. He partnered with Armand Deperdussin also to make monoplanes with inverted retro-propulsion. Deperdussin dismissed him because of a scandal, not clearly specified. Two models came out of the workshops, the DFD1 and the DFD2, the design of which involved Louis Béchereau. During the first tests, at the end of 1910, Georges de Feure had a serious accident, and he withdrew from the business.

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Georges-Joseph de Feure or Georges de Feure or George de Feure or Georges Joseph van Sluijters

  • Patent FR-1910-415391 (English title: Mode of suspension with steerable wheels and skids for airplanes, Filing date: 1910-04-29)
  • Patent FR-1910-417175 (English title: Multiple branch propeller for airplanes, Filing date: 1910-06-15)
  • Patent FR-1910-417524 (English title: Device for the automatic control of elevators, ailerons and in general of all organs ensuring the stability of airplanes, Filing date: 1910-06-25)
  • Patent FR-1911-424922 (English title: Airplane, Filing date: 1911-01-16)
  • Patent GB-1919-126510 (English title: Improvements in or relating to Aeroplanes, Filing date: 1918-06-11)


Names Georges-Joseph de Feure; Georges de Feure; George de Feure; Georges Joseph van Sluijters
Birth date 1868-09-06
Death date 1943-11-26
Countries FR
Locations département Seine, France
Occupations painter, founder, entrepreneur, industrialist
Tech areas Airplane, Monoplane, Design, Fuselage, Landing, Wheels, Control, Steering, Aileron, Stability, Aerodynamics, Automatic stability
Affiliations De Feure & Deperdussin
Wikidata id Q1921617