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(before 1920)

Oszkár Asbóth was a Hungarian aviation engineer, born in Pakota, 31 March 1891, deceased 27 February 1960. He grew up in Arad, Hungary, now part of Romania.

We have him identified with or as “Aviatikus”(“Aviation”, possibly pilot, or perhaps more likely, Aeronautical engineer), filing from Arad.[1]

We have him as an Engineer filing from Budapest.[2]

We have him as a “CS. És Kir. Tart. Hadnagy”(a Lieutenant, among other things), filing from Budapest.[3]

On occasion he filed from Fischamend, Austria.[4] In the case of this Patent DE-1916-326431, filed from said location in Austria, Espacenet has him designated as "ASBOTH OSKAR VON", see ASBOTH OSKAR VON cross-referenced with AT publication number results. He was quite prolific after the years on which we are focusing.

To the best of our knowledge, his more proper and original name was "Asbóth Oszkár", in keeping with the Hungarian custom of having the family name precede the given name. Hungarian Wikipedia has him as "Asboth Oszkár" (note the non-accented "o" in "Asboth"), but this is likely in the interests of disambiguation. "Oszkár von Asboth" may have been an affectation.

During World War I he was employed at the construction of propellers as applied to airplane engines, with automatic airplane stability being an interest as well. His work with the helicopter may have largely come after the period we are studying.

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Names Asbóth Oszkár; Oskar von Asbóth
Birth date 1891/03/31
Death date 1960/02/27
Countries AT, DE, FR, HU
Occupations Aeronautical Engineer, Engineer, Military officer
Tech areas Airplane, Stability, Pendulum, Hélice, Helicopter, Motors, Propellers, Design, Aerodynamics, Automatic stability
Wikidata id