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Edward Joel Pennington was an American inventor/promoter, involved in automobiles and aeronautics, who lived in a number of different cities.

His New York Times obituary portrays him as a crank or scam artist.[1]

"Airship" Pennington has returned from Europe and recently visited Cincinnati, where it is reported he made the statement that it would cost $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 to build an airship of serviceable size. Why he believes a practical airship must be fully fifteen times larger than an ocean steamer or about 10,000 feet long, to be able to properly float and travel in the air is not quite clear.[2]

Patents whose inventor or applicant is Edward Joel Pennington or E. J. Pennington or Edward J. Pennington or Eduard Joel Pennington



Names Edward Joel Pennington; Eduard Joel Pennington; Edward J. Pennington
Birth date 1860-05-22
Death date 1911-03-05
Countries US
Locations Milan, Indiana; Cleveland, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; England; Racine, Wisconsin; New York; Springfield, Massachussetts
Tech areas LTA, Instrument, Navigation
Affiliations Aerial Transit Company, British Aerial War Syndicate
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