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Diagram 1 of Patent HU-1909-48375

Hermann Ruthenberg was an aero inventor in Grunewald, Germany. "Grunewald is a locality (Ortsteil) within the Berlin borough (Bezirk) of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf."[1] We also have him located at Weisensee.[2]

A photo of Ruthenberg's dirigible is on flickr, with this discussion: "Engineer Hermann Ruthenberg from Berlin (Weissensee) designed and built a dirigible in 1909. It was small with a gas bag of 1200 m3, length of 40 meter. Power was delivered by an equally small 24 hp Benz engine driving a four-bladed all-metal propeller. This Ruthenberg dirigible was exposited at the 1909 ILA Internationale Luftfahrt Ausstellung. Later this design was identified as the Ruthenberg I as a larger dirigible (Ruthenberg II) on the same principle was built in the next year. The gas bag was enlarged to 1700 m3. In 1913 Ruthenberg buillt his final (Ruthenberg III) dirigible, powered by two Fiat engines rated each at 75 hp. There is right under the front side of the envelope a triplane elevator as a characteristic of this dirigible."[3]


Patents whose inventor or applicant is Hermann Ruthenberg

Names Hermann Ruthenberg
Birth date
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Countries DE
Locations Grunewald; Berlin
Occupations Manufacturer
Tech areas Airship, Dirigibles, LTA, Frame, Construction, Design
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